*** These are not class/event times necessarily. These are just specific range closures. Actual class times can be found on their specific page.


One Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun multi use bay will always be available for our members and day rate shooters depending on where our construction project is actively working.  BE FLEXIBLE, it is almost over!

updated Tuesday 3/10

A-Range (Range 1): Open rifle

B Range (Range 2): Open pistol, rifle, shotgun

C Range (Range 3): Open Safe Shooter – Holster work,  Full Steel

range 4-10 Closed April 1st 2018 in observance of Easter

Range 4: 15 yard private bay -Coming Soon

Range 5: 15 yard private bay -Coming Soon

Range 6: 15 yard private bay -Coming Soon

Range 7: 15 yard private bay -Coming Soon

Range 8: 50 yard Safe Shooter Steel -Coming Soon

Range 9: 100 yard rifle -Coming Soon

Side (Range 10): 15 yard private bay – Available for rental

Rogers Northbound (Range 11): USPSA stage with steel – Available for rental

Rogers Eastbound ( Range 12): Train GTR – Private Lessons / Class use http://shootgtr.com/training/private-instruction/


Open regular hours 10 am – 6 pm daily

April 1st 2018 – Closed in observance of Easter