Steel Challenge is one of the most exciting pistol shooting sports in the world. Why? Because it is all about speed! You have steel plates in front of you, and you have to hit them as fast as you can. The time it takes you to hit all the plates is your score. Doesn’t get any more simple than that!

Steel Challenge is also an excellent way to get started in pistol shooting sports because it is less demanding on equipment needs, the rules are very simple, and there is essentially no movement involved. You don’t even need to draw from a holster if you want to shoot in a rimfire division.

Speaking of rimfire division – If you are looking at getting your kids into shooting sports then rimfire division is the way to go since the guns don’t weigh as much, the recoil is almost non-existent, and they can start each stage by simply pointing the gun at the ground.We allow a competitor to register in a maximum of two divisions at our monthly match. For example, you could shoot each stage in Limited division, and then again in Rimfire Irons division. Now if you have never shot a Steel Challenge match you need to read the rule book. We want to make sure your match experience is the best it can be, and by knowing the rules your first match will go much smoother. Click here for the rule book.

USPSA owns Steel Challenge. So if you have a USPSA membership it is also a membership to the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA). When you show up to a Steel Challenge match just give them your USPSA number and your scores will be submitted to the SCSA national database. Submitted scores are used to achieve a classification and ranking just like in USPSA!

Monthly matches – 1st Sunday of each month

$20 1st Gun
$10 2nd Gun (optional)
8 Sanctioned Stages:
Rd Count: 250/gun

Registration Starts: 9:00am
Safety Brief: 9:30am
Match: 10:00am – 2:00pm

***Social Distancing will be enforced***
***Squad will be limited to 6 people***
***Squad is limited to 10 guns maximum***