Our core mission is to produce safe, competent, & responsible gun owners!

SHOOT GTR is not just a shooting range. We view ourselves as an asset to the shooting community in that we can provide world-class training, a venue for competitive shooting, and unrivaled product knowledge to help increase the overall aptitude of the gun owning community.

Shoot GTR


We offer ranges for rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting as well as private ranges for members who have received the required training. Before you can use our range you must first attend our New Member Orientation class, which covers all the necessary information for you to safely use our facility.

The Pro Shop is open to the public as well as members!


Our on-site pro shop is open to the public and is stocked to meet all of your shooting needs. We carry a full line of pistols, rifles, and shotguns as well as all the targets, ammunition, gear, and accessories you need to train, compete, or just have fun.

In addition to our on-site pro shop we also have a brand new online store that makes the process of registering for classes and competitions, buying equipment and ammunition, and renewing your membership fast, fun, and easy.


SHOOT GTR is also a premier competitive shooting venue that offers a multitude of competitive shooting disciplines on a weekly basis. Our matches are designed to accommodate new shooters. So if you are interested in competing please contact us and we will help you get started.

From Novice to Expert


We pride ourselves on being able to provide the shooting community with world-class, professional firearms instruction for shooters of all skill levels and disciplines. Whether you are an experienced shooter, or have never shot a gun before we stand ready to aid you in increasing your safety, marksmanship, and tactics with firearms.


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